Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End Call

You know what I hate?  That no one uses those old school phones anymore that are in between two hooks.  Because it's much more satisfying when you end a call to slam the phone down than to just hit the end button.  Especially if your angry with someone.  If you hang up with them on your cell phone by hitting the end button, they are just met with total silence. But if you hang up on one of those old phones by slamming it down, the person on the other line is met with a  loud BANG!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is better than that.  It's like giving someone the finger except over the phone.


You know what I hate? Just because we are younger than adults we have to "respect" them, especially when they don't respect us.  What they don't realize is that our ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints are just as meaningful as theirs, so we deserve to be listened to and respected if they want it from us. It's absolutely ridiculous for an adult to think they are entitled to respect from someone younger when they don't respect us.  That makes absolutely no sense.  And it's annoying when people say "Give me your respect!"  I'll give it to them when they earn it.

Missed Call

You know what I hate?  When someone calls you on your cell phone and you just missed it.  So you immediately call them right back, and then they don't pick up the phone!  How in the world can they not answer it when they just called you two seconds before!  Obviously whatever they have to say isn't important if they aren't going to answer the phone, so why did they call you in the first place?  Just don't call!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


You know what I hate?  When people ask a bunch of questions about something that you obviously don't want to tell them about.  Like, if I'm whispering something to someone, it's really annoying when someone else goes up to you and asks, "what are you talking about?" or "tell me".  And whats even more annoying is when they keep bringing it up.  Sometimes I just want to shout "I don't want to tell you because you're nosy!"  People need to learn that some things are just none of their business. 

Easter Egg Hunts

You know what I hate?  When people don't take you seriously when you say you're good at something.  To be more specific, I recently said that I am a good hunter, and the person I said this too completely blew me off.  How would they know if I'm a good hunter or not?  And more importantly, I wasn't specific when I said what I hunted, because people can be good at different things.  I may not be much of a hunter during turkey or deer season, but when it comes to Easter egg hunts, I dominate.