Friday, April 15, 2011

Fake Pockets

You know what I hate?  Going along with the last entry, pockets in general are annoying.  Not the real ones, becuase everyone knows those are the best thing since microwave popcorn, but the fake ones.  They are so misleading!  Why even put pockets on the jeans if you can't use them?  Because then you look like an idiot when you are scratching at your pockets trying to put something in them before you realize you dont actually have pockets, they are just for "design".  Who gives a flying cahoots about design?  I've gotten more than my fair share of looks and even a few "What are you doings?" by trying to put something in a nonexistent space.  Designers, save us all some trouble and just stitch on pockets.  What is it, like ten extra minutes of work?  Everyone knows its all being sowed by machines at some huge, pollution producing factory in China anyways.

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